West Virginia Univeristy

Reserve Policies

Faculty log into the Reserve system using their standard Library log on.  They will see a list of classes they are teaching for the current semester with the items on eReserves or Print Reserves listed within each class listing.


  • eReserves allow faculty to place materials such as articles, book chapters and media on the eReserves & Reserves page of the Libraries web pages.  Students may then access the materials by logging into the eReserve page and accessing those classes for which they are registered.  Most materials on electronic reserve are converted to Adobe Acrobat PDF files.
  • Not all material may be added to eReserves.  It shall be the responsibility of the eReserves staff to determine if material requested for eReserve should be added to Print Reserve.
  • If the needed material is owned by the Library, Reserve staff will scan it for addition to eReserves.
  • If electronic documents are being submitted by the faculty member, formats such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or .pdf. are all acceptable.  Please contact eReserves staff to ensure that any other format will work. 

 Print Reserves 

  • Print reserve allows faculty to place books, articles and media in the Reserve section of the library.  Print reserves materials include books (both library owned and personal copies), CDs or DVDs.  They may also be photocopies of journal articles or book chapters, homework, old tests, lecture notes, etc.   At the discretion of library staff or the faculty, print reserve items may be eligible for in-building use only.
  • Material generally circulates for 2 hours at time and may be renewed 1 time only.  Items on 2 hour reserve may be charged out overnight within 2 hours of closing.  They will be due within one hour of the library opening time the following day

Media eReserves

  • Items are streamed via a secure off-campus web service
  • Items placed on Media eReserves must have a form submitted for every semester, even if the material has been on reserve previously
  • Parts 1-3 of the form need to be filled out for items owned by the library.  Please fill in section 3, explanation of education purpose, completely and thoughtfully.  For other material, the entire form must be completed. 

Media Reserves (In-Library Use)

  • Media items - DVD and VHS materials - may be placed on closed reserve for the semester by faculty and teaching assistants.